2021 Corner Country Outback Tour - Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia)


A small group 14 day outback adventure where three states meet, literally "just around the corner”.

An experiential visit to a vast, beautiful desert heartland, rich in migrating birds and ranging wildlife.

Revisit the absorbing history and demise of resolute explorers, Afghan Cameleers, pioneers and pastoralists pursuing their vision.

Visit the Sturt National Park, legendary Cooper Creek and Channel Country, Burke & Wills Dig Tree, the remote outposts of Birdsville, Innamincka, Tibooburra and Cameron Corner.

Picture yourself, standing alone on a million acre property, in awe of vast horizons, the Strzelecki Desert, Sturt Stony Desert, Simpson Desert and magnificent “Big Red”.

Savour the colour, form and texture, in glimmering gibber plains of reds and purples, the rusty mesas of “Jump-Up” country, the crested red sand ridges and swales sculptured by prevailing breezes.

Witness the life and times of Cattle King Sidney Kidman, isolated, resilient outback characters, profound friendships and amazing ingenuity - in essence the Spirit of Australia

Watch glorious sunrises and sunsets and at night the expansive arrival of amazing starlit skies. Moments of mindfulness abound.

Reflect too, on the environmental challenges around wild rivers, pristine wilderness, the march of seasons, resource exploration and nature enhanced organic farming.


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