MTB Navigation Easter Hunt

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A holiday program for children ages 10-17

This day is designed for participants who have mountain-biking experience, whether with WEOA or have personally ridden mountain bike trails.
A minimum of two qualified WEOA Instructors will take a group of participants for an adventurous day of mountain-biking. The day will begin with an ice-breaker and get to know you activities. Soon after, participants will partake in a rider refresher, teaching participants the WEOA way. This will include WEOA rules and expectations, the way our bikes are appropriately used, refreshers on braking, gearing and information they need to know about mountain-biking safely.

Participants will be provided with a bike, helmet, gloves and a hi-vis vest.

The day may include some of the following activities:
Bike riding safety
Mountain bike & navigation brief
Navigating your way through the forest on your bikes keeping an eye out for the treasure
Having a blast and improving skills in a controlled trail riding session
Play some exciting energetic team-based games

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