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Maggie's food philosophy will always remain; to cook from the heart, making the most of each and every ingredient to hand. Taste and quality are paramount.

Maggie loves nothing more than to share her love of good food with all. Cook with Maggie online with her video tutorials published to social media covering everything from simple, delicious dishes, to practical tips on how to pick good produce.

Become part of Maggie's community by joining her Food Club. Enjoy 20% off your first order and free shipping on orders of $80. Join free here:

Maggie's aim is to make the very best products available to everyone, regardless of cooking skills or the time restrictions of a busy lifestyle.

Keep your pantry well stocked from Maggie's online store with a full range of pantry staples such as stocks, sugos, verjuice, oils and vinaigrettes. You can also purchase Maggie's cheeses, pastes and plant-based meals meals for delivery in South Australia.

We are also delighted to partner with, a proudly South Australian family owned business, Galipo at Home, to offer Maggie Beer’s chilled and frozen range, for home delivery: Order Maggie’s legendary ice cream, pate, cheese, and plant-based meals and soups.



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