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Krondorf Heritage Walking Tours


Join us for a Sunday stroll with a difference.

If you've always wanted to explore the Barossa a little deeper – beyond our famous cellar doors and restaurants - we invite you to walk with us through the historic village of Krondorf and discover a new, personal connection to the Barossa.

Come along as we explore the food, music, culture, celebrations, traditions and characters that built the Barossa, and learn how they continue to influence our lives today.

"Why do so many of the cemeteries feature carved ship's anchor motifs? Why do people care if it's raining on June 27th? And what on earth is a Tin Kettling?" Using touch points along the way, and evocative, engaging stories, we delve into what makes the Barossa special - and how you take a little bit of the Barossa good life home with you.

Your guide for the morning is Jess - warm, welcoming and very entertaining. Our tours are fun, lively and interactive; no dreary list of dates and names, we promise!

Our morning stroll takes approximately 2 hours to complete, with plenty of time for questions and discussion.

We look forward to walking with you.