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Krondorf Heritage Walking Tours


Join us for a Sunday stroll with a difference.

The village of Krondorf has the history of the Barossa woven through it like few other places in this region. Whether you've never been to the Barossa before, or you're a seasoned campaigner, our Heritage Walking Tours offer a memorable and entertaining insight into this place we call home. Walking is a wonderful way to discover the Barossa - slow down and enjoy a more relaxed, restorative pace while absorbing the stories and characters that will bring the history of the Barossa to life.

"Why do so many of the cemeteries feature beautiful carved ship's anchor motifs? Why do people care if it's raining on June 27th? And what on earth is a Tin Kettling?" Join us as we take a gentle meander through the historic village of Krondorf and explore these questions - and many more!

Your guide is Jess - warm, welcoming and very entertaining. Our tours are fun, lively and fascinating; no dreary list of dates and names, we promise!

We invite you to join us as we explore the food, music, culture, celebrations, traditions and people that make the Barossa so special.