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Seppeltsfield VINEYARD PHOTOGRAPHY Experience


You will be welcomed at Octeine Coffee, by your host locally renowned photographer, Dragan Radocaj, who has captured evocative photographic landscapes and portraits to inspire and captivate people since 2010.

Dragan has been referred to as the ‘King of light and master of composition – his images are sheer poetry transporting the viewed to a magical world of unparalleled beauty with extraordinary sensibility’. Dragan has been working with many local businesses in the region including Seppeltsfield, Maggie Beer, Henschke, Rockford, Hentley Farm, Elderton and Pindarie. In 2013, Dragan was commissioned to photograph the famous Hollywood Sign by the owner Shane Yeend.

Dragan will walk you through the Seppeltsfield iconic Great Terraced Vineyard on the Estate – consisting of bush vine Grenache. Planted in 1855, and re-planted in contoured rows following the natural shape of the land, commencing in 1958, with original cuttings vigorously selected to ensure the highest quality.

Along the way, Dragan will share his expertise to help you capture the very best moment from the Great Terraced Vineyard, on your very own camera or even iPhone.

And to finish, you will visit the Seppeltsfield Centennial Cellar for the bucket list, ‘Taste Your Birth Year’ Experience.


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