Snorkeling & Diving with the Cuttlefish everyday May -August

16 May 2022 - 15 Aug 2022
Next Occurrence : 16 May 2022


Want to Snorkel or Dive with the the amazing Giant Australian Cuttlefish in Whyalla??

Contact the Whyalla Visitor Centre for maps, directions , bookings and all you need to know.

Only on the northern coastline of Whyalla can one of the most spectacular natural events in both the Australian and International marine environment be experienced - the annual migration of the Australian Giant Cuttlefish Sepia apama to the waters of the Upper Spencer Gulf.

Congregating close to shore at various sites including steelworks breakwaters, Stony Point, Black Point, False Bay, Point Lowly and Fitzgerald Bay, these “chameleons of the sea” are one of the largest species of cuttlefish found in the world, reaching up to 60cm in length and weighing up to 5kg.

The migration by these majestic creatures to these waters is for the sole purpose of spawning.

Every year between May and August, they come in their thousands to mate and reproduce, in the process creating an amazing spectacle of cunning games, predation, underwater light shows and colourful kaleidoscopic displays.



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