Adventure Bay Charters - Shark Cage Diving

Price from $350


If there is one thing you must add to your bucket list, it has to be shark cage diving with Great Whites!

Adventure Bay Charters give you the chance to see the legendary Great White Shark in its natural habitat. Join us for a day tour to the Neptune Islands in South Australia, home of the world's largest predatory fish! On the way see the spectacular scenery as you cruise through the Thorny Passage and expect sightings of dolphins and local sea birds.

To fulfill different requirements, we offer 18 Meters Down Bottom Cage Diving, Surface Cage Diving and Aqua-Sub in one day!

360 degrees underwater glass viewing area! Have a similar view as the surface cage but you keep completely dry! It can take 6 passengers at one time, perfect for a resting place for Surface Cage Diver and Bottom Cage Diver and suitable for non-swimmers to experience the ultimate shark trip.

When the Sharks arrive you can jump in the cage and actually swim with these endangered species for an additional AUD175.00.

This is the only berley and bait free Eco friendly Great White Shark Cage Diving Experience in Australia!


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