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Swim with the Sealions - Double the Fun!

Eyre Peninsula

From $275

Double the fun! Enjoy the extra swim and snorkel with the Australian Sealions at 2 different islands.

One of the most interactive wildlife tours you can do!  Come on board our Advanced Eco Certified tour and see why the Australian Sealions are nick named the ‘puppies of the sea’. 

We are very privileged to have the opportunity to swim with these gorgeous animals at two different islands in their natural environment as per our Marine Mammal Licence conditions.

Each location offering a different snorkelling experience and are beautiful locations to explore.

The 4 locations we visit are - Hopkins, Langton, Grindal or Blyth Island.

From the moment you arrive the Sea Lions bound out to the vessel excitedly inviting the guests to join them. The tour provides the opportunity to jump in and swim, viewing the mesmerised skills and abilities of these gorgeous animals, or sit back and enjoy the action from the comfort of the vessel.

The 7 hour tour is interaction guaranteed, environmentally conscious, educational and a whole lot of fun for the whole family!


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