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2019  Mens Tuna Poling Trip

Price from $2500


There are very few places in the world left where you can have this experience.
The MFV Tacoma’s annual tuna fishing is an adventure where you can enjoy the thrill of poling a South- ern Bluefin Tuna on board a 84ft wooden tuna clipper in the Southern Ocean & Great Australian Bight.

We, the Tacoma Preservation Society have recreated a 1950’s tuna-fishing trip.
You steam from Port Lincoln to Neptune Island, Rocky Island & Coffin Bay for 5 days and 4 nights looking for live bait and tuna.
Just imagine, the first night with spotlights hauling in a net of live bait!
Then dressed in wet weather gear and a safety harness (provided for you) and using bamboo poles you will have the chance of a lifetime catching a bluefin tuna.


From $ 2500 to $ 2500
This for five days and nights at sea, food, fishing equipment and wet weather gear.