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Scuba & Snorkelling tours


Whyalla Diving Services has a full range of the latest equipment, in good condition, well maintained and serviced. We can (and have) catered for larger groups of up to one hundred divers. We can also cater for younger and older divers and snorkelers. We can usually provide for everyone, with notice.

We can also supply dive instructors for groups who want to have their visit organized and conducted by our certified and friendly staff. We cater for our visitors who want to experience the spectacular Giant Cuttlefish aggregation on scuba. We also offer dives for unqualified divers, conducted on an individual basis by a dive instructor, to a maximum depth of 10m. (Resort Dives.) We also offer the following packages.

Guided snorkelling tour.
Guided small group tour.
Guided certified diver tour.
Resort dives.
Boat charter with licenced coxswain and dive instructor.

Alternatively you can hire the equipment only, and a free map and information will be supplied at the dive shop.

Whyalla Diving Services can provide boat access by boat charter if required – (often requested by film crews, scientists and environmentalists, and anyone who prefers the ease, safety and the convenience of a boat dive.)