Beltana Historic Town



Located 540 km north of Adelaide in the Flinders Ranges, Beltana is a truly remarkable State Heritage listed town. located on the banks of the Warioota Creek, it is a picturesque place to visit. Settlers began arriving in the area in the 1850s and 60s, and the town was surveyed in 1873. A significant number of the stone buildings remain. Beltana has a series of interpretative signs that enable the visitor to understand the town over time. There is a community park where a visitor can park their car, go for a walk around the town and picnic shelters that enable the visitor to picnic by the creek with a free BBQ available

All buidings in Beltana are privately owned and occupied and we have a permanent population of 30 and an active community of 55. The community has provided all these facilities for your enjoyment. You are welcome to walk around the town and read the interpretive signage. There are public toilets at the hall. and mobile reception.

If you are self sufficient you can camp at the hall. A donation is appreciated as we provide all these services through the Beltana Progress Association.





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