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Flinders Ranges, Wilpena Pound 45 minute Flight from Hawker

Price from $280


Depart Hawker and track north between the magnificent Elder Range and Chace Range. View the beautiful hills of Arkaba Station as you climb up over the ancient and iconic Wilpena Pound, taking in St Mary peak and hidden Edeowie Gorge. Fly further into the breathtaking landscape of the Northern Flinders Ranges along the Heysen Range to see the famous Brachina Gorge and the ABC Range. On the return journey to Hawker fly over Wilpena Resort, Rawnsley Park Station and come face to face with the rugged Rawnsley Bluff.


From $ 280 to $ 280
Per person - Minimum two passengers


  • Trail Duration

    45 Minutes

  • Minimum Capacity


  • Maximum Capacity


  • Service types

    Air, Helicopter and Balloon Tours
    Sightseeing Tours

  • Access With Assistance for the Disabled

    Disabled access available, contact operator for details

  • Vertical classifications

    Half Day or Less