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New Shoots Music Festival

Kangaroo Island

Get ready to rock Kangaroo Island. The New Shoots Festival is back next year, with the date locked in on 25 March 2023!

Stay tuned - the festival line-up will be announced soon!

New Shoots was first dreamed on the fire-grounds in 2020, where three members of the CFS felt motivated to do more for the community. The trio realised the enormity of rebuilding and identified the opportunity to create a significant music event that would lift the community's spirits on Kangaroo Island and raise money for those affected by the fires. Thus, New Shoots Music Festival was born, whose namesake pays tribute to the new life now emerging from the natural landscape and supporting emerging musicians.

This event is a great chance for music and travel lovers alike to support a community that’s still in need after all this time, while soaking up all the good vibes in the process. Come for the festival, but stay a while and enjoy everything that the Island has to offer! Kangaroo Island is stacked full of hidden gems and the locals are more than excited to play host to their mainland neighbours.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>




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