Clifford's Honey Farm


Cliffords Honey Farm wishes to advise that our farm gate shop and tours are currently closed at our property due to the COVID-19 health pandemic.
Our online shop is still operating and you can order from us via our website, email or by phone.

As you begin the tour of the honey shed you receive a home-made honey ice-cream to enjoy eating while hearing about our farm and the famous Ligurian Honey Bees. You also learn about how a beehive works and how they harvest different types of honey during the honey season.

Included in the tour you will see beekeeping equipment and honey extracting machines.

After the tour they go into the farm gate shop to taste two kinds of honey and see a
glass beehive where you can play “spot the queen bee”. The farm gate shop has a large range of products including their own mead, honey wheat ale and sauces and dressing made with honey. An informative, educational and delicious experience for people of all ages.



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