Ghost Mushroom Lane


Take a trip down Ghost Mushroom Lane.

A luminous mushroom can be found growing in South East pine forest during the colder months and ForestrySA is giving you the chance to see the glow first hand.

Ghost Mushroom Lane is a free- night-time forest experience, available during May and June annually.

The aptly named “Ghost Mushroom” (Omphalotus nidiformis) emits a soft green glow after dark as a result of a chemical reaction between fungal enzymes and oxygen. This glow can be bright enough to read words on a page!

The mushroom typically emerges after late autumn rains and continues into winter, growing up to 20cm wide.

Ghost Mushroom Lane is located within a known mushroom breeding ground, among pine forest near Glencoe just 16km from Mount Gambier.

For those keen to exit their car, take a walk and view the mushrooms up close, warm clothes, sensible shoes and a torch are recommended. Ghost markers are also available at the beginning of the lane and can be placed along the track where mushroom populations have been found to assist other visitors.

Please note this is a seasonal experience and the lane is only open during May and June each year.



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