Drive the lovely southern coast from the Victorian border to the mouth of the River Murray. See shipwreck sites including the Admella, the state's worst sea tragedy.

You can visit many sites and towns along the way including Canunda National Park. Stop for fresh seafood at Robe.

101 vessels have been wrecked and 218 lives lost in this area. The Admella and its 89 passengers and crew sank near Cape Northumberland in 1859.

The Geltwood was a sailing ship of over 1000 tonnes wrecked in 1876. 31 people lost their lives. It is possible to see parts of the iron hull, masts and rigging, anchors and chain on the sea bed.

The Maria was a small sailing vessel wrecked off the Coorong in 1840, while heading for the shelter of Encounter Bay. All passengers and crew were killed. The Phaeton was an American sailing vessel lost while bringing Chinese immigrants into Robe in 1857. These people came because of the Victorian goldrush.

A guide booklet is available for the trail and there are 10 land-based interpretive signs.





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