Kingston South East

Kingston Se, Limestone Coast, South Australia, 5275


Referred to as the Gateway to the South East, Kingston is a coastal town nestled on the picturesque waters of Lacapede Bay at the southern end of the Coorong.

Lacapede Bay, with its relative calmness, offers families the safety of its waters and long stretches of sandy shores. It is an invitation to beach goers to enjoy a wide range of water sports and fishing opportunities.

Visit the historic Cape Jaffa Lighthouse. Once situated on the Margaret Brock Reef, off the shores of Cape Jaffa, it was dismantled and re-erected on the Kingston foreshore and is now open for inspection and tours. For those interested in history, the township of Kingston was officially established in 1858. Many historic buildings still stand as a reminder of the past.

Kingston is home to an Analematic Sundial, the second in Australia and one of only eight in the world.

It is also home to Larry the Lobster, a 17 metre high, 15 metre long structure at the front of the Visitor Information Centre who stands as a tribute to the fishing industry based in the town. Legend has it that although imperial measurements for the creature were given to the builder, he used metric instead, resulting in a threefold increase in size. Make sure you have a photo with Larry whilst you are in town.

The area south of Kingston is flourishing with the establishment of numerous wineries, so for lovers of fine wines, a visit to this new and exciting area will offer a selection of cellar doors.



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