Winter Lumina: A Solstice Soiree

Limestone Coast

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Get ready to immerse yourself in an evening of enchantment as Winter Lumina: A Solstice Soiree descends upon Raidis Estate Wines. Come along for an unforgettable celebration under the winter sky, where the magic of the season intertwines with cosmic wonder.

Winter Lumina invites guests to partake in a series of captivating experiences, including the symbolic burning of the goat effigy, a tradition imbued with meaning and intention-setting for the year ahead. Amidst the flickering flames, guests will have the opportunity to set their intentions, embracing the transformative power of the winter solstice.

Attendees will be swept away by the magical atmosphere, adorned with unique costumes inspired by celestial beings, woodland enchantment, ice royalty, ancient Yule spirits, winter wanderers, luminous lights, and candlelit elegance. Whether you choose to don the regal attire of an Ice Queen or King or embody the whimsy of a woodland creature, Winter Lumina encourages guests to let their creativity shine.

The event promises an array of delights, including a light supper to tantalize the taste buds and a live music by The Happy Leonards.
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