Three Bridges Festival: Jesse Budel - sanctuary x mill

Murray River Lakes and Coorong

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sanctuary x mill is an immersive multichannel surround sound work that connects the instruments and soundscapes of two ruined piano sanctuaries – The Murray Bridge Piano Sanctuary at Murray Bridge, South Australia, and the Piano Mill at Harrigan’s Lane, Willson’s Downfall, NSW.

Bringing together improvisatory recordings made by Jesse Budel at the Murray Bridge Piano Sanctuary, and Vanessa Tomlinson and Erik Griswold at The Piano Mill, sanctuary x mill is a series of four conversations, both between the pianos of the two iconic sites (sharing grooves, rhythms and textures), and between the pianos and their local soundscapes (the birds, trees and weather chorusing in time with the piano tunes).

This piece was developed as part of Jesse’s April 2024 artist residency in the inaugural Harrigan’s Lane Artist-In-Residence program, on site at Willson’s Downfall, NSW.

Experience The Three Bridges Festival of chamber music in Murray Bridge this July! Over two days, talented chamber musicians and ensembles from South Australia will present an array of performances that promise something for everyone.

Expect a variety of performances that highlight the rich traditions and innovative spirit of chamber music. Join them in Murray Bridge for an unforgettable weekend of music that will inspire and entertain. Don’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the artistry and passion of South Australia’s finest chamber musicians.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>
'Community' Artwork by Gabriel Stengle


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