Ngarkat Conservation Park


Ngarkat Conservation Park features a magnificent mosaic of mallee and heath land, extending across 270,000-hectares of remnant coastal dunes.

For many visitors, the vastness of this park is one of its most striking features. Walking trails vary from 20 minutes to five-hour hikes and camping and picnics are also popular activities.

Ngarkat is known for its challenging four wheel drive tracks. One of the most demanding is the iconic Border Track which follows the border that separates South Australia and Victoria. This narrow, sandy track passes through a fragile environment and requires drivers to have a high level of four wheel drive experience. Access is restricted one-way, travelling from north to south from April to October.

Diverse wildlife also inhabit the park and birdwatchers will also find fascination, with more than 120 bird species recorded in the park.

The park is very large and isolated, therefore sufficient fuel and water supplies must be carried at all times.

Entry and campsite fees must be booked online prior to arrival to the park.



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