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Canoe the Riverland - Kayak Tours


Renmark Kayak Tours - Absolutely the best way to explore the beauty of the Mighty Murray River!

Kayaks - Canoes - Small Motorboat - You choose how to explore the wetlands from our convenient riverfront!

Jim & Ruth guide you through peaceful creeks and lagoons your chosen pace. If you want to drift and enjoy the rich variety of bird life and wildlife at a leisurely pace, so do we. If you prefer to cover some distance and explore more creeks, we'd love to show you. This is our backyard so let us share with you the secrets and wonders of the creeks and lagoons behind the river. No experience is necessary and you will find our kayaks are roomy and stable.

Sunset Kayak Tours are our most popular nature experience. Run daily, these tours impress with big skies, changing colours and wonderful bird-life. Enjoy our commentary on the environment and history that defines the Renmark wetlands.

Our unique Moonlight Tours are a total sensation. We set out in the sunset and glide home through creeks with the full moon lighting our way.


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