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Stenhouse Bay Jetty


The Stenhouse Bay Jetty is located within Innes National Park on Yorke Peninsula. A picnic shelter with tables provided on the top of the hill with scenic views down over the jetty. Fantastic fishing opportunities exist for beginners through to seasoned anglers.

The 200 metre long jetty was built in 1913 to support the gypsum mining industry at Marion and Inneston Lakes. In its early days, 14 one-tonne horse drawn wagons ran along a wooden railway from Inneston Lake to the Stenhouse Bay Jetty, which was eventually replaced with steel tracks and trains. Gypsum was tipped from the wagons and trains down the hillside and loaded onto the large ships waiting at the jetty below 24 hour hours a day.

Much of the stone infrastructure can still be seen at the base of the jetty and the old railway can be walked along what is now known as the Thomson-Pfitzner Plaster Trail Hike. Interpretive signs are in place along the trails for visitors to learn more about the history of the area.

Park entry fees apply, which are payable online. Please refer to website for current pricing.


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