23 Oct 2017

Take on the Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb Adelaide Oval and discover where they keep the best seats in the house.

They're the best seats in the house, where the seagulls gather to watch footballers fly or dodge the occasional Big Bash cricket ball.

A jaw dropping 50 metres above the vivid green expanse of the Adelaide Oval turf, it's also where thrill-seekers can climb skywards for one of the best views in town.

After building one of the top sports stadiums in the country, it seems only natural to add even more excitement with the Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb Adelaide Oval – where punters can clamber over the billowing rooftops of the spectacular grandstands. Equally spectacular are the views, be it during the day or at twilight.

Amazing views, epic panoramas

“There are some pretty amazing views up there,” said Lachie who completed the climb with a group of work mates, in their matching blue climbing suits and caps.

“My favourite was the Western stand, looking back across the new medical precinct right through to the tree line of Glenelg in the distance.

“Then spinning around to face East, you get an epic panorama of the Oval, St Peter’s Cathedral and the Hills to the East. The view from the top of the Riverbank stand is also super-impressive.”

Adelaide Oval, Adelaide

Game on!

An exciting addition to the day or twilight climb options is Game On! Watch one quarter of an Adelaide Crows or Port Adelaide home game from the top of the Riverbank stand. Of the 50,000 seats to choose from at Adelaide Oval, these 8 are the ones you’ll want to be sitting in.

“I can only imagine how awesome it would be watching a game from there, with the roar of the crowd under your feet and the Oval laid out before you…definitely one for the footy nuts out there! I’ll be back!,” Lachie said.

It's a long way to the top!

The guided tour runs for about 2 hours and covers a distance of 1.2 kilometres in total, climbing up and down ladders and multiple flights of stairs, walking on open metal grate walkways and a stepped bridge. Climbers are harnessed and attached to the railing at all times, but you’ll still need to overcome a fear of heights, especially at the peak of the climb on the Riverbank stand.

“Without doubt the biggest highlight was leaning back over the goal square, standing on the very edge of the Riverbank stand,” Lachie said.

“I’m not a massive fan of heights, so it was a case of overcoming my fears on the day – and I’m so glad I did! It’s also an incredible photo opportunity with the entire Oval right behind you, and our guide snapped a great keepsake of the moment.”

“Even if heights aren’t usually your thing, you always feel safe and secure on the walk and roofclimb. The staff are really professional and we spent a good amount of time getting rigged up into our harnesses with them and going over the gear before lift-off.

“That being said, it’s a definitely a long way up, and certainly gets the adrenaline going at time – which is fantastic!”


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