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Find essential travel information and what you need to know before visiting South Australia. Find out about Visas, Quarantine laws and health care.

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Write to the South Australian Tourism Commission at: GPO Box 1972, Adelaide SA 5001.
Frequently asked questions

Question: Where can we send advertising proposals?

Answer: Please send all advertising proposals to Your proposal will be assessed by our media agency and someone will get back to you once this has been done.

Question: How can I get permission to use the SATC's TV commercials and video footage? 

Answer: If you work in the South Australian tourism industry, you may be able to have access to some of the SATC’s video footage.  Please email and one of our consumer marketing coordinators will respond.

Question: Does the SATC provide individual assistance with school projects and assignments?

Answer: Unfortunately, the SATC is not able to provide secondary or tertiary students with interviews and responses to individual requests for information. We hope that the resources on will enable you to gather the information required to complete your research.

Question: Where can I find research reports and statistics?

Answer: The SATC provides a series of information and statistics to inform the tourism industry in South Australia. You can find it all here

Question: Where can I find out more about the South Australian Tourism Commission?

Answer: Our resources page provides a range of information about the role of the South Australian Tourism Commission and useful resources to assist you with your projects and information search.

Question: What is the ATDW?

Answer: The ATDW is the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse: Australia’s national platform for digital tourism information on Australia. It is a database of information about Australian tourism product including accommodation, tours, attractions, restaurants, car hire and events. The database holds information such as business description, photos, contact details, opening hours and indicative pricing. Find out more with our information sheet.

Why should I have an ATDW listing?

Answer: An ATDW listing for your business will provide valuable exposure. Your listing will feature on, which is owned and operated by the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC). Find out more with our information sheet

Question: How do I list my tourism business on

Answer: Register your business on the ATDW website. Start your registration now.

How do I create an ATDW listing?

Answer: First, check that your business does not already have a listing. Visit and navigate to the top right corner of the homepage to search for your listing. If you cannot find your business listing on you will need to register your business on ATDW.  

Who can I contact regarding my ATDW listing?

Answer: Please direct your questions to A member of our digital marketing team will get back to you.

Have more questions? Find out more about ATDW, how to use it and troubleshooting

For all your social media, blogging and influencer-related questions, please see our @southaustralia Influencer Program.

Question: Where can I find South Australian regional visitor guides?

Answer: You can view the latest regional visitor guides here or you can pick up a copy at any South Australian Visitor Information Centre.

Question: Who do I contact about visitor guide order enquires and bulk orders?

Answer: For bulk visitor guide order enquiries and orders please email Gabriele Zilinskas,

Question: How long does it take for bulk regional visitor guides to be delivered?

Answer: Please allow up to seven working days for bulk visitor guide deliveries.

Question: Who do I contact in regards to advertising opportunities in the regional visitor guides?

Answer: All South Australian visitor guides are produced by each respective South Australian region. Please contact the regional offices directly for advertising enquiries.

Question: I want to organise a conference in South Australia. Who should I contact?

Answer: To organise your next conference in South Australia, please contact the Adelaide Convention Bureau or the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Question: Can I park at the Port Adelaide Passenger Terminal?

Answer: There is no long term, secure parking at the terminal. Andrew’s Airport Parking provide a shuttle service to the terminal from their secure car park at Bowden.

Question: I have a friend/relative arriving on a cruise ship. Can I come into the terminal and meet them?

Answer: Access to the terminal is restricted to passengers, crew and service staff.  You are welcome to drive through Car Park C pickup zone and collect your friends. The parking time limit is 15 minutes in this area.  Please ensure you arrange a time to meet as you will be asked to move on after 15 minutes.

Question: Are there tours to buy when I arrive at the terminal?

Answer: No. You may pre-book with private tour operators prior to arrival, or you may book shore excursions on board the ship.  You would need to travel to the city to arrange any other touring options that are not booked in advance.

Question: How do I get to the city from the cruise terminal?

Answer: The train station is approximately 100 metres from the terminal and trains run every 30 minutes to the city. The journey is approximately 40 minutes and takes you to the central railway station on North Terrace, where you can connect with the tram, city free and metro buses. You may buy tickets at the station. If the office is unattended you may purchase tickets on the train with coins or credit card, or you may purchase on arrival in the city at the service centre inside the station.

Question: Are taxis available?

Answer: Yes, taxis are available at the terminal. There are usually taxis waiting but on occasion there can be a short wait while taxis arrive to the taxi rank.

Question: What can I do near the cruise terminal?

Answer: There is a marina approximately 800 metres away, with cafes and restaurants. The nearest shopping centre is 1.2km (about 1 mile) away.  There is a public, 9 hole golf course 500 metres from the terminal. You may also catch a train to Port Adelaide where there are numerous visitor attractions and services as well as shopping and banking.

Question: What is available in the terminal?

Answer: The Port Adelaide Passenger Terminal provides a Meet and Greet service for passengers and crew, with a visitor information desk. There are several retail outlets selling souvenirs, opals, pearls and diamonds, and a café service.

Question: Do you have some itinerary suggestions for a group visiting South Australia?

Answer: For group itinerary suggestions and travel tips, please call our visitor information centres.

Question: What do I need to put in my application?

Pay close attention to the advertisement and what it asks for regarding your application. Most often we will only need a cover letter outlining your suitability for the role and a resume detailing your recent experience.

Does the SATC offer work experience?

The SATC offers a small number of placements per year for school students and tertiary students who are studying in tourism or a related discipline. We do not offer “internships”. Placements must be facilitated through the students learning institution – teachers or course facilitators can contact HR to discuss what possibilities there might be for interested students.

Question: Will the SATC accept my resume to keep on file?

Answer: The SATC does not accept unsolicited resumes. You can register for job alerts through Jobs SA by selecting the SA Tourism Commission under “Agency”. When we post a job, you will receive an email notifying you. Find out more on the Jobs SA website.

Question: Where can I buy South Australian state brand merchandise? 

Answer: You can buy a great range of South Australian merchandise on Shop South Australia.

Question: How does the SATC source its photographers?

 The SATC has a panel of photographers that are chosen through a tender process. 

Question: How do I become a photographer on the SATC panel?

Answer: Please sign up to the South Australia Tender and Contracts website

Question: Where can I download images/video of South Australia?

Answer: The South Australian Tourism Commission’s Media Gallery is an online resource available to media and the travel trade, media, tourism operators and industry, for use in the positive promotion of South Australia as a destination. Images and most video materials are supplied free of charge. Imagery cannot be supplied for commercial products e.g. postcards for sale. To access items within the Media Gallery, you will need to register to create an account (go to Q. How do access the SATC Media Gallery?).

Question: How do I sign up for the South Australia Media Gallery?

Answer: To access a range of images and video via the Media Gallery, you will need to register first via Please fill out and submit the online registration form, being careful to accurately outline your initial project details, which are required for us to determine if you will be approved access to the Media Gallery. You will receive email notification when your registration has been processed (usually within 24 hours). If your registration has been successful, you will then be able to login and view permitted Media Gallery materials.

Note: If you have not accessed your user account since the Media Gallery upgrade, 2 March 2016, you must register again.

Question: How can I get permission to use images/videos via the SATC Media Gallery?

Answer: To access items within the Media Gallery, you will need to register to create an account (see above question). Once successfully registered and logged in, permission to use images/videos (items) is obtained via an orders process. You will then need to fill out some information under “Project Details”, whereby outlining the detail of intended use of the materials in your order. Be sure to address how you will be promoting South Australia as a tourism/travel destination. The more information you provide the easier it is for us to assess your request. Once you have filled out the required details, you can submit you order for processing. You will not be able to download any items until your order has been administered and approved (usually within 24 hours). If insufficient detail was provided we will attempt to contact you (via phone or email address provided in your account) to request additional information, which delays the approvals process. 

Question: When completing an order, what do I need to include under “Project Description”?

Answer: The “Project Description” (within the project details of your order) must adequately explain how your project will promote South Australia as a tourism/travel destination. This criteria forms part of the Terms and Conditions for use. The more information you provide the easier it is for us to assess your request. If sufficient detail has not been provided we will attempt to contact the user (via phone or email address provided) to request additional information, which delays the approvals process.

Question: How many times can I use an image once I have received approval?

Answer: Approved images must only be used for the purpose outlined in your project details associated with the approved order. All Media Gallery Material is protected by copyright and must be reordered for any subsequent projects whether similar or different to your original project.

Question: Can I share images with another person for discussion/ review prior to finalising my order?

Answer: If you are a registered user and are signed into the Media Gallery, you can create a ‘Lightbox’ – a feature allowing you to add selected images and video items into, and then email the Lightbox to others for them view. Note: Lightbox’s can only be shared with others who are registered on the Media Gallery, as they will need to login to access the Lightbox link.

Question: I have some images/video that I think would be great to promote my business and/or SA as a tourism destination – What do I do?

Answer: If you are a tourism operator, local business, or perhaps photographer (amateur or professional), and have some images and/or video that you think would be beneficial to have on the SATC Media Gallery – we welcome you submit your visuals to  for possible inclusion on the Media Gallery. 

Question:What sort of images/videos do you look for to be included on the SATC Media Gallery?

Answer: We love images that showcases people experiencing what SA has to offer, action shots. Images that tell a story and are emotive so you really know what SA is about. 

Question: What kind of events does SATC sponsor?

Events South Australia proudly supports a variety of major events such as WOMADelaide, the Australian International Three Day Event and the World Tennis Challenge. Smaller events that promote South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations are funded through the Regional Events and Festivals Program.

The Regional Events and Festivals Program provides financial support towards marketing and PR for events that promote South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations.

Events South Australia, in partnership with Arts South Australia, has established a Live Music Events Fund totalling $1.35m over three years to support new music events and festivals.

The Community Events Development Fund provides financial support for events which promote South Australia and its regions as tourism destinations. 

Question: What events are ineligible for funding?

Answer: Events South Australia’s event sponsorship funding does not support the following: trade and industry events such as symposiums, expos or exhibitions, education events, agricultural shows and conferences; New Year’s Eve celebrations, Christmas pageants, fireworks displays; tours, open gardens, open days, club rallies, markets, reunions, performances; and charity or fundraising activities.

Question: When is the best time to hold an event?

Answer: South Australia is Australia’s Best Event State, an accolade we have won two years in a row. Events South Australia sponsor events throughout the year to develop a balanced events and festival calendar. Events held outside the peak event period (January-March), public holidays and holiday seasons will be given preference.

Question: What do I need to do to receive sponsorship for my event?

Answer: For an event to be considered for sponsorship, event organisers must produce an application that meets all the program’s requirements and can demonstrate that their event aligns with Events South Australia objectives. To find out who your Regional Tourism Manager is visit here. For sponsorship guides and detailed application processes visit Events South Australia.

Question: When does the Regional Events Funding Program open?

Answer: Applications for funding through the 2017/18 round closed on Thursday 16 March 2017 and will support events held after 1 September 2017. The Minister for Tourism will announce the successful applicants in July 2017. All applicants will be notified in writing at the time of the announcement. Applications for funding through the 2018/19 round will open in January 2018.

Answer: Any travel trade enqiries can be sent to

Question: I have an issue with some content on Who do I contact? 

Answer: If you have spotted any errors or have an issue with content on, please email

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