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Kangaroo among the vines, Clare Valley

Clare Valley maps and brochures: plan your visit

Want to know where to go in the Clare Valley? Find tours, accommodation, restaurants and much more with our maps and brochures.

Eat and drink your way through the Clare Valley
Plan your visit to the Clare Valley with these brochures and maps. You'll find out more about where to go, things to see and do, accommodation and tours. 

The Clare Valley is famous for its food and wine. The South Australian Food and Wine Guide provides plenty of information on experiencing the best of the Clare Valley's food and wine offerings.

Kilikanoon Winery in the Clare Valley

The Clare Valley's Riesling Trail is best explored on two wheels.

Clare Valley - a romantic and secluded escape

Stroll or ride among the vines and find your own little hideaway. Indulge your passion for food, wine and each other in the Clare Valley.

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