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Driving through the Clare Valley

Explore the Clare Valley with a self-drive itinerary

Explore the Clare Valley at your own pace by following one of our self-drive itineraries. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Clare Valley.

Go your own way
The Clare Valley is less than two hours away from Adelaide and a major road (A32) leads you all the way. You barely have to make a turn.

When you arrive in the Clare Valley, grab a map of one of the driving trails from a Visitor Information Centre. Take the Goyder Driving Trail or World's End Driving Trail north of Burra, or travel south and follow Dares Hill circuit.

Drive your way around the Clare Valley

The Clare Valley is an easy drive from Adelaide and is less than two hours away.

Most visitors begin in Auburn. It’s a friendly town that has retained its historic magic.

You can try wine at Mount Horrocks Wines and eat lunch at Terroir Auburn. Check out the latest exhibitions at the artists' collective Art at Auburn. It’s only a short drive onto the hamlets of Leasingham and Watervale. Leasingham is home to Tim Gramp Wines and nearby Claymore Wines. Watervale is not far from Annie’s Lane and Clos Clare wineries.

Sevenhill is where you’ll find Sevenhill Cellars. Jesuit priests started the winery in 1851 and still run it today. Guests are free to wander through the St Aloysius Church and crypt. The town also has a pub, the Sevenhill Hotel, which has a reputation for fine dining.

Visit Pikes Wines, which also makes premium beer and has an art gallery at the cellar door.


Clare is the region’s main service town. It also has some great wineries and restaurants. Eat a gourmet dinner at Artisan’s Table or relax at Wild Saffron cafe which is also a great place to stock your picnic basket.

Tim Adam's cellar door, Mr Mick Cellar Door and Mr Mick's Kitchen, can be found nearby.

Burra and Gilbert Valley
Burra is one of Australia’s great historic attractions.

The self-drive Heritage Passport tour takes you to Redruth Gaol, the Unicorn Brewery, the Monster Mine and the dugout homes of Creek Street. Visit the town’s three museums and several antique shops.

The area around Gilbert Valley was once home to Australia’s cattle king, Sir Sidney Kidman. It’s renowned as some of the best farming land in Australia. 

Explore South Australia on the trails less travelled

Explore winding trails, ancient ranges and be consumed by a land of flavour. Dive with predators of the deep or rise above Adelaide Oval.

Clare Valley maps and brochures: plan your visit

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