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Shark cage diving, Eyre Peninsula

Swim with sea lions and dolphins, dive with sharks

Come face-to-face with South Australia’s amazing aquatic wildlife. Cage dive with great white sharks, splash with dolphins and swim with sea lions.

Get up-close to nature’s most efficient predator
While you’re in South Australia, how about doing something a little different? Leave your inhibitions at check-in and your lunch in the kitchen.

Get up-close and personal with nature’s most efficient predator – the great white shark – on a shark cage diving tour, off the coast of Port Lincoln.

Swim with sea lions, Adventure Bay Charters

Swim with sea lions, Adventure Bay Charters

Don't try it alone - take a tour

Great white sharks can grow up to seven metres long and can weigh more than 3000 kilograms. Specialist tours by Adventure Bay Charters, Calypso Star Charters and Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions will get you face-to-face with great white sharks from the safety of a purpose-built cage. For those not wanting to get wet, Adventure Bay Charters offers prime viewing of the underwater action from the safety of a glass aqua-sub.

Swim with sea lions

South Australia’s beautiful clear waters make it the perfect place to take an ocean dip with sea lions. Friendly, playful and undeniably cute, our aptly nicknamed “puppies of the sea” are a hit with the whole family. Take a dive and spend the day making new friends with Adventure Bay Charters

The best place to go swimming with sea lions is the Eyre Peninsula. In the sheltered waters of Boston Bay off Port Lincoln, Adventure Bay Charters and Calypso Star Charters offer sea lion swim tours. Wild, but not shy, Eyre Peninsula sea lions will swim right up to you. Duck, dive, roll and race – just don’t expect to be the star of the show.

Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience also offers swim with sea lion and dolphin tours, departing Baird Bay, approximately three-and-a-half hours from Port Lincoln near Streaky Bay.

Kangaroo Island is another sea lion hotspot. Walk among flippered friends at Seal Bay, or watch them sunbaking among wild waves and jagged rocky cliffs in Flinders Chase National Park.

Splash and play with dolphins

Dive into an underwater world. Join wild dolphins in their natural habitat at Baird Bay. Swim alongside our streamlined-friends; leap, splash and play until your heart is content. You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else.

Glenelg’s Temptation Sailing offers dolphin viewing and swimming experiences, just 25 minutes from Adelaide's city centre. Sit on the deck of a giant catamaran with a glass of sparkling wine. Once out in the depths, dive into crystal-clear waters and let the fun begin. View and swim with pods of local, wild dolphins who love playing around the boat.

Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures will take you to remote coastal beaches where you can swim with wild bottlenose dolphins and frolic with seals. Charters depart from Kingscote and Emu Bay on Kangaroo Island.

For a slightly drier dolphin experience, try Adventure Kayaking SA in the Dolphin Sanctuary at Port Adelaide.

Eyre Peninsula - home of adventure and seafood

Explore the Eyre Peninsula's rugged coastline, sumptuous seafood and discover unique landscapes like the Organ Pipes in the Gawler Ranges National Park

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