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The Ghan, travelling through the Flinders

Ride The Ghan through the heart of South Australia

Experience the dramatic scenery of the Flinders Ranges and Outback on the unforgettable Ghan. Dine, drink and rest in luxury.

The journey
The Ghan snakes it's way through Australia's red centre; over 2,979 kilometres from Adelaide to Darwin. The journey will take you deep into the heart of the outback. Relax in your own luxurious, private cabin and watch breathtaking scenery roll by your window.

Dining and accommodation

Treat yourself to luxury with gold and premium travel options. Dine in the classically-styled Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car. Enjoy decadent multi-course meals made by talented chefs, sip premium South Australian wine and chat with fellow travellers in the classy on-board bar.

For the ultimate getaway, book a private car with friends and/or family. Platinum service includes your own room with a full-sized en suite, freshly prepared breakfasts lunches and dinners, 75 kg luggage allowance and access to the Platinum Club Car.

Gold service includes your own room with a double bed, private en-suite, all-inclusive wining and dining in the Queen Adelaide Restaurant and a 50 kg luggage allowance. Red service includes reclinable day/night seating, shower and toilet access, licensed cafe access and 40 kg luggage allowance. 

Off-train experiences

Travelling from Adelaide to Darwin, The Ghan makes multiple stops. Take your time and explore. Enjoy a bush breakfast under towering gums, join a guided tour or relax on a river cruise. For something extra special, take a helicopter flight or guided canoe journey.

More Great Southern Rail journeys

The Ghan is run by Great Southern Rail, which also operates The Indian Pacific and The Overland. 

The Overland runs from Adelaide to Melbourne over 10 and-a-half hours. Recline in comfort and take in a diverse range of landscapes. The Overland operates twice-weekly. The Indian Pacific links Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

Flinders Ranges and Outback - an unforgettable experience

Memories of the rugged land will stay for you forever. At Rawnsley Park Station, Prairie Hotel and Wilpena Pound Resort, watch the sun change colour as it bakes the earth.

Flinders Ranges and Outback maps and brochures

Don't get lost in the Flinders Ranges and Outback. Be prepared and plan your trip with these brochures and maps.

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