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Learn more about Kangaroo Island

Minutes from the mainland but a million miles away; Kangaroo Island is a sanctuary for wildlife and natural, rugged beauty. Plan your trip today.

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Book Kangaroo Island accommodation

Looking for accommodation and places to stay on Kangaroo Island. Stay at holiday homes, hotels or luxury retreats. Learn more and book today.

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See Australian wildlife at home on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is one of the best places to see Australian wildlife. More than a third of the island is national parks. Learn more today.

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Kangaroo Island maps and brochures: plan your visit

Plan your trip to the rugged Kangaroo Island with our maps and brochures. Find towns, attractions, accommodation, beaches and things to see and do.

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Taste Kangaroo Island's artisan food and wine

Kangaroo Island's is home to artisan food and wine producers. Try Ligurian honey, unique liqueurs, seafood and sheep’s milk cheese. Find out more.

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What's on at Kangaroo Island: events and festivals

What's on at Kangaroo Island? KI is home to events and festivals such as the KI Art Feast, KI Marathon and farmers' markets. Learn more.

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Take the kids to Kangaroo Island on a family holiday

Planning a family holiday on Kangaroo Island? There are plenty of things to keep kids and adults busy with wildlife, quad biking. Find out more today.

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How to get to Kangaroo Island by sea and air

Wondering how to get to Kangaroo Island? Getting here is easy by ferry from Cape Jervis or a 30 minute flight from Adelaide Airport. Find out more.

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See more of Kangaroo Island with tours and charters

There's a huge range of Kangaroo Island tours and charters, including adventure, food and wine, wildlife, kayaking and 4WD tours. Find out more.

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Explore Kangaroo Island on a self-drive itinerary

Take a self-drive tour to explore the full length of Kangaroo Island. Take your own car to Kangaroo Island by ferry or book a hire a car. Learn more.

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Kangaroo Island wine region: coastal indulgence

Kangaroo Island's wineries and wine region are in one of South Australia’s most exciting new wine regions. Find out more today.

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Kangaroo Island Visitor Information Centres

Travelling on Kangaroo Island? Get advice, maps, brochures and more with a visit to one of our Visitor Information Centres. Find out more.

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Discover Kangaroo Island's towns and regions

Every Kangaroo Island town has a unique history, breathtaking scenery, services, friendly locals and sumptuous food and wine. Plan your trip today.

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48 Hours on Kangaroo Island

From wilderness safaris to gin tasting, here are our top things to do over two days on Kangaroo Island.

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Get closer to Kangaroo Island wildlife with SeaLink

Dramatic coastal scenery, pristine beaches, local wines and premium fresh seafood make Kangaroo Island a must-see destination.

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Let yourself go: surfing on Kangaroo Island

Surfing on Kangaroo Island is a unique and thrilling experience. See the wild side of one of South Australia’s two National Landscapes. Learn more.