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Cape du Couedic, Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island maps and brochures: plan your visit

Plan your trip to the rugged Kangaroo Island with our maps and brochures. Find towns, attractions, accommodation, beaches and things to see and do.

Plan ahead and let yourself go

Let yourself go and escape to an island you'll never want to leave. Kangaroo Island is the perfect place to disconnect from the world. See wildlife in its natural environment, from sea lions and kangaroos, to echidnas and whales. Taste locally-produced Ligurian honey, sheep's milk yoghurt, seafood, wine and spirits. Escape to the island's pristine beaches. Choose from budget through to luxury accommodation

Use the brochures and maps below to find out where to stay, things to see and do and tours to book.

Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island

See wildlife in its natural environment on Kangaroo Island. 

What to do on Kangaroo Island

Wondering what to do on Kangaroo Island? There's wildlife, pristine beaches, farm shops, fresh produce, gourmet food and wine. Learn more.

See more of Kangaroo Island with tours and charters

There's a huge range of Kangaroo Island tours and charters, including adventure, food and wine, wildlife, kayaking and 4WD tours. Find out more.

Kangaroo Island Visitor Information Centres

Travelling on Kangaroo Island? Get advice, maps, brochures and more with a visit to one of our Visitor Information Centres. Find out more.