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Lake Bonney, Riverland

Riverland maps and brochures: plan your visit

Plan your trip to the fertile Riverland with our maps and brochures. Find accommodation, houseboat hire, and things to do today.

Plan your Riverland trip

Captain a five-star houseboat or let someone else do the hard work on a paddle steamer cruise. Fish from the banks of the Murray River or paddle a kayak on the water. The Riverland is South Australia's largest fruit-producing region so you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh fruit and other produce. Enjoy the sunshine, water sports and a laid-back lifestyle.

Whether you are visiting for a houseboat holiday or trying your hand at fruit picking; plan your trip with the brochures and maps below.

Unforgettable Houseboating in the Riverland

A holiday in the Riverland is unforgettable. Float along the Murray River without a care in the world.

Murray River - float at your own pace

Drift along at your own pace on the Murray River. Get out on the water with Unforgettable Houseboats, drop in for a drink at Caudo Vineyards and Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery, or simply find a perch and watch the world flow by.

What to do in the Riverland: experiences and attractions

Wondering what to do in the Riverland? Clock on to river time and enjoy all the activities associated with the water. Find out more today.

Riverland Visitor Information Centres

Travelling in the Riverland? Get advice, maps, brochures and more with a visit to one of our Visitor Information Centres. Find out more.