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Lake Bonney, Riverland

Riverland maps and brochures: plan your visit

Plan your Riverland holiday with our brochures and maps. Find accommodation, houseboat hire, attractions and more!

Plan your Riverland trip

Captain a five-star houseboat or let someone else do the hard work on a paddle steamer cruise. Fish from the banks of the Murray River or paddle a kayak on the water. The Riverland is South Australia's largest fruit-producing region so you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fresh fruit and other produce. Enjoy the sunshine, water sports and a laid-back lifestyle.

Whether you are visiting for a houseboat holiday or trying your hand at fruit picking; plan your trip with the brochures and maps below.

Unforgettable Houseboating in the Riverland

A holiday in the Riverland is unforgettable. Float along the Murray River without a care in the world.

Murray River - float at your own pace

Drift along at your own pace on the Murray River. Get out on the water with Unforgettable Houseboats, drop in for a drink at Caudo Vineyards and Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery, or simply find a perch and watch the world flow by.

What to do in the Riverland: experiences and attractions

Clock on to river time and enjoy all the activities associated with the water. Go fishing, kayaking, skiing, jump on a houseboat or enjoy the produce.

Riverland Visitor Information Centres

Call into a Visitor Information Centre or outlet located throughout the Riverland and get the latest from the locals.