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Panda exhibit Adelaide Zoo

Experience giant pandas at the Adelaide Zoo

Since arriving in Adelaide in 2009, giant pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni have enjoyed somewhat of a celebrity status and VIP treatment. Visitors to the zoo can also have a VIP panda experience.

It's all black and white

Panda pair Wang Wang and Fu Ni are undoubtedly the most famous couple at the Adelaide Zoo, with thousands of people visiting them every year.

Living it up in the lap of luxury in a purpose-built exhibit at the zoo, which is as big as two house blocks, visitors can watch the pandas while they eat, sleep, play and eat some more with each panda having it's own dedicated space.

But there's also the chance to experience seeing the pandas up-close-and-personal with two different behind-the-scenes tours offered at the zoo.

Adelaide Zoo panda

Wang Wang loves to eat and laze around in the shade. 

Take the VIP tour

Explore the Bamboo Forest, home of the giant and red pandas, before the zoo opens with the Panda & Friends tour. You'll see the red pandas enjoy their breakfast and see Wang Wang and Fu Ni start the day and explore their environment. The tour includes morning tea at the zoo’s Wisteria Restaurant and a guided tour to meet some of the zoo's other animal residents. 

Want more? You'll love the VIP Panda tour which is exactly as it sounds. Venture into Wang Wang and Fu Ni's private quarters and assist the keepers as the pandas undergo their daily training and health checks. You'll also have the rare chance to hand-feed a panda. Learn more about the zoo's conservation program over morning tea with the keepers as Wang Wang and Fu Ni explore their exhibit and enjoy their breakfast.

Play a game of guess who?
Out in the exhibit, the kids will love pressing their faces up against the glass and guessing who's who. Here are some helpful hints: Wang Wang has a reputation for lazing about in the shade and has a more masculine appearance with a broader nose and sharp jaw-line than Fu Ni. Aside from eating, he loves nothing more than rolling around in a big cardboard box filled with fresh sawdust.

Fu Ni is smaller than Wang Wang and is intelligent and playful. She loves any form of enrichment that involves a food reward, with her favourites being apples, pears and panda cake.

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