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The Gawler Ranges' Organ Pipes.

Gawler Ranges: an otherworldly landscape

South Australia’s Gawler Ranges National Park is famous for its rugged rock formations, red soil and distinctive crevices, etched deep into the land.

An ancient landscape

Crevices scar the 1500 million-year-old land. Volcanic rock formations protrude haphazardly from the red earth. The Gawler Ranges National Park is a mecca for outback explorers, just north of the Eyre Peninsula.

Keep your eyes peeled as you navigate the scrub. See shy southern hairy-nosed wombats foraging for food while pygmy possums hang from ghostly gums. Spot hopping mice darting through desert grasses and endangered yellow-footed rock wallabies lazing in the sun. 

Take your time

Discover the Gawler Ranges at your own pace or join a tour for some local tips. Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris will help you discover the road less travelled and provide you with some essential outback knowledge.

The Gawler Ranges' Kangaluna Camp.

The Gawler Ranges' Kangaluna Camp.


The Ranges are most famous for their aptly named Organ Pipes. The Pipes – a multi-tiered, mish-mash of hexagonal rock – were formed by volcanic activity millions of years ago. They jut out from the ground, towering metres into the sky. Walk among natural relics and feel the history of the land.

Follow the park’s four-wheel-drive track leading to Pondanna Outstation. See wildflowers splashed with colour. Sleep beneath a starry night sky.

Safety in the outback

The Gawler Ranges are isolated, so it’s essential you prepare yourself before setting off. This is especially important if you’re travelling without a guide. A 4x4 vehicle is highly recommended as roads from Kimba, Minnipa and Wudinna are gravel. Please note that driving in wet weather can be dangerous.

Make sure you pack adequate food and water in case of a breakdown. Traffic is sparse, especially during summer months. Take adequate spares and make sure that you have a satellite phone or HF radio.

Eyre Peninsula - home of adventure and seafood

Explore the Eyre Peninsula's rugged coastline, sumptuous seafood and discover unique landscapes like the Organ Pipes in the Gawler Ranges National Park

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