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Off Piste 4WD Tours, Fleurieu Peninsula

Time-poor traveller? Fleurieu Peninsula tours & charters

Tour the Fleurieu Peninsula with experiences like scenic helicopter rides, surfing or a tour of its many wineries. Learn more and plan your trip today.

Choose a tour that suits you

There are many ways to see, smell and taste your way around the Fleurieu Peninsula. Take to the skies on a scenic flight or hit the water on a fishing tour. Travel by road on two, three or four wheels, or sit back and enjoy a little luxury in McLaren Vale. The choice is yours.

Let the locals show you around on a guided tour and give you all the inside information. They’ll teach you a thing or two; from how to surf, to how to cook up a treat. 

You won’t have to worry about driving when you book a tour of one of the wine regions. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the Fleurieu Peninsula tours listed below.

Fleurieu Peninsula - Savour the best of coastal culture

The Fleurieu Peninsula is brimming with artisan coastal culture. Spend the day sipping fruity blends at vineyards only metres away from the sea. 

What to do on the Fleurieu Peninsula

Wondering what to do in the Fleurieu Peninsula? Try McLaren Vale's food and wine, go whale watching. Discover the rest, plan your trip today.