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Arkaba, Flinders Ranges

See it all: join a Flinders Ranges and Outback tour

Want to experience the best of the outback? Find unbeatable tours that will take you right to the heart of South Australia.

Learn from a local

Explore the Flinders Ranges and Outback with a professionally guided tour. There are a number of fantastic tour operators who can impart exclusive local knowledge.

Choose your mode of transport. Walk, cycle, take a minibus, four-wheel drive, or even ride a camel. Admire the breathtaking view from a plane or helicopter. If you want to maintain some independence, join a tag-along tour where you drive your own vehicle in convoy with others.

See Flinders Ranges and Outback tours listed below.

Flinders Ranges and Outback - an unforgettable experience

Memories of the rugged land will stay for you forever. At Rawnsley Park Station, Prairie Hotel and Wilpena Pound Resort, watch the sun change colour as it bakes the earth.

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