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Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival

What's on at Kangaroo Island: events and festivals

Kangaroo Island is home to events such as the KI Art Feast, KI Marathon and farmers' markets. Find out what's on during your stay.

Good times

Kangaroo Island may only have a population of around 4500 people, but residents sure know how to have a good time! The Island is gripped by racing fever in February when the Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival is held.

You’ll find events all across the island. In October, exhibitions pop up everywhere for the Art Feast. Visitors are strongly encouraged to join-in. Don’t miss the Kangaroo Island Farmers’ and Community Markets and various agricultural shows.

Community Events

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Taste Kangaroo Island's artisan food and wine

Kangaroo Island is home to artisan food and wine producers. Try Ligurian honey straight from the hive, or liqueurs, seafood and sheep’s milk cheese.