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Seal Bay, Kangaroo Island

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So much to see

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island. It is seven times the size of Singapore and one third of the island is declared national park, conservation park or wilderness protection area. Due to its size, it makes sense to explore the island with the help of a local on a guided tour.

You can experience Kangaroo Island in many ways. Take to the water in a boat or dive beneath the surface. Get an eagle-eye view from a helicopter or head off the beaten track in a four-wheel drive. You can even get down and dirty on a quad bike.

See native animals and birds up-close. You'll be amazed at the stunning landscapes and scenery. Taste the region’s fine wine and produce. 

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Hyperlapse - Home of the soul

This hyperlapse film of Kangaroo Island sews together 7,356 individual photographs to capture the beautifully raw, rugged and natural landscape and wildlife at Kangaroo Island.

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Take your own car to Kangaroo Island by ferry or hire a car when you get there. Take your time on Kangaroo Island with a self-drive holiday.