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See more of the Riverland: guided tours & charters

Get the most out of your Riverland holiday by taking a tour or river cruise. Have a guide take you birdwatching or hop on a houseboat


Steeped in natural beauty, our Riverland is the perfect region to embark on an exciting tour or luxurious cruise

Driving tours pick you up right from your accommodation. Travel to major Riverland towns: Truro, Blanchetown and Waikerie in style. Enjoy a decadent lunch at a local winery, visit major historical sites, enjoy some local shopping and spot native wildlife along the way.

It’s only natural that while visiting The Riverland you spend some time on the water.


Boat tours operate from multiple Riverland towns. Access tranquil backwaters where you can marvel at thriving birdlife. Long and short tours are available and can be tailored to your requirements. Watch native wildlife pass-by on the shore, and experience the region's stark natural beauty.


Bush safaris take you on extended treks. Travel by four wheel drive, boat, raft or even on the back of a camel! This is the best way to see the land, up-close and as personal as you can get.


Live a life of luxury on a river cruise. Some houseboats are more like hotels and feature deluxe en suites, spas, air conditioning and king-sized beds. Enjoy exceptional meals, take-in spectacular scenery and learn about the history of our land.

Bird watching

The Riverland is known for its prolific bird life. Take a tour with a local ornithologist and learn about the amazing Riverland Biosphere Reserve, recognized by UNESCO.

See Riverland tours listed below.

$2300 to $3910
$112 to $140
$65 to $81
$50 to $62

Murray River - float at your own pace

Drift along at your own pace on the Murray River. Get out on the water with Unforgettable Houseboats, drop in for a drink at Caudo Vineyards and Wilkadene Woolshed Brewery, or simply find a perch and watch the world flow by.

Explore the Riverland's waterways by houseboat

Set your own pace – take a cruise down the Murray River on a houseboat, or hit the water in a canoe or kayak.