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Marion Bay Tavern, Yorke Peninsula

Yorke Peninsula: seafood, pub fare and artisan wine

With so much coastline, you'll want to taste the Yorke Peninsula's seafood and pair it with local wine. Try traditional pub fare or stop by a bakery.

Sumptuous seafood

The Yorke Peninsula offers fresh snapper, garfish, tommy ruff (Australian herring), King George whiting and even oysters plucked straight from the sea. With so much on offer, why not catch your own lunch? Cast a line; who knows what you'll find? 

Relaxing with a glass of local wine

What better way to relax on the Yorke Peninsula than with a bottle of wine, great company and fresh seafood?

Friendly pubs

Sink your teeth into a schnitzel or steak at a traditional Yorke Peninsula pub. For a lighter bite, try a freshly made salad or some local seafood. Most towns have at least one pub; the doors are always open. Pop in for friendly service, a casual meal and a cool beverage. Pubs cater for a growing tourist market, offering meals for the whole family.

Classic restaurants

As day turns to night, make sure to check out some of the Yorke Peninsula's restaurants and cafés. Dine on some of the freshest local seafood including prawns, calamari, octopus and crayfish.

You’ll find restaurants on cliff tops, cafés on the foreshore and good old fish and chip shops on main streets.

Full and content, take a stroll through the balmy dusk and check out a local pub for a glass of wine or cool cocktail.

World-class wine

A hidden jewel in the heart of Yorke Peninsula, Barley Stacks Wines is the first commercial vineyard established in the traditional “barley belt”. The combination of rich limestone soil and the mild environment helps to produce strong grain crops and premium quality fruit. Open seven days, Barley Stacks Wines offers tastings of their home grown Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and liqueur Chardonnay. It is just a short drive from Maitland.

Yorke Peninsula - from coast to coast

Trade city life for dazzling beaches, historic ruins, clifftop walks and sandy coves. Hit the waves at Innes National Park or hit the fairway at Copperclub at The Dunes.

Yorke Peninsula maps and brochures: plan your visit

There is so much to do on the Yorke Peninsula. Use our brochures and maps to plan your visit, so you don’t miss out on anything.