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Moonarie Gap, Flinders Ranges

A guide to caving and rock climbing in South Australia

Beneath South Australia lies vast a network of underground caves. Above ground see epic cliffs, carved by the wind.

Some of the world's richest fossil deposits

Discover ancient fossils on the Limestone Coast, caverns on the Eyre Peninsula and Aboriginal rock art in the Flinders Ranges.

The World Heritage-Listed Naracoorte Caves are home to one of the richest fossil deposits in the world. Bones from the caves have been used to reconstruct the giant marsupials, diprotodons and native cats that once roamed the area. 

Pick your own adventure on a caving or climbing trip

Take a few days to discover the caves and cliffs of our rugged, rocky landscape in the Flinders Ranges.

Rock climbing
If you are a climber, you will enjoy the diverse cliffs. From gentle inclines, to sheer, coastal rock faces, climbers of all experience levels will find what they're looking for.

Morialta Conservation Park is just a 25 minute drive from the city. The park features beautiful bushland, with waterfalls and steep ridges. Top-roping is easy, with heavy duty rings already embedded in the cliffs. Morialta is one of the most popular climbing locations in South Australia.

The Flinders Ranges is home to some world-renowned rock climbing destinations. You'll find challenging climbs for the experienced. The Climbing Club provides more information on climbing in South Australia. Join a rock climbing tour.

It’s a very old story

In the Naracoorte Caves, long stalactites hang from ceilings like giant limestone icicles. Thousands of southern bent-winged bats live underground. There are tours and boardwalks through some of these caves, making it easy to explore.

The Limestone Coast also boasts several water-filled caves. The deep blue caves are the haunt of divers who explore their inner depths. Narrow, rocky mazes lead to fossils and giant pools. You will need a scuba diving licence, cave diver training and experience to explore these.

Discover Kelly Hill Caves on Kangaroo Island. They are one of the few dry limestone caves in Australia. The main caves are open daily for guided tours. 

Remote caves
The enchanting Aboriginal handprints of the Murrawijine Caves are a must see! Located on the Nullarbor Plain on the Eyre Peninsula, hawks and swallows use the cathedral-like caves as nesting sites. Take care when visiting these caves. The Nullarbor Plain is a remote area. 

Dive beneath the surface or climb the highest peak. Make your holiday an adventure in South Australia. 

Limestone Coast - the great Australian road trip

Cruise down easy, winding trails, relax and breathe-in the ocean air. Stop at Robe and immerse yourself in coastal scenery.

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