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Adelaide Fringe Parade

What to see and do at Adelaide Fringe 2018

The 2018 Adelaide Fringe is a celebration of art, culture and creativity, splashing our state with a kaleidoscope of colour, 16 February to 18 March.

Following a wildly successful year in 2017, this year’s Adelaide Fringe is set to bring even more world-famous acts, venues and events to all corners of South Australia. Prepare yourself for a non-stop party from 16 February to 18 March with thousands of shows, hundreds of venues and countless events popping up all over South Australia. 

After Edinburgh, the Adelaide Fringe is the largest Fringe festival in the world, and is loudly, and proudly, the biggest open-access arts festival in the Southern Hemisphere. Find out what to do, what to see and where to celebrate.

Adelaide Fringe

The 2018 Adelaide Fringe is a celebration of art, culture and creativity, splashing our state with a kaleidoscope of colour, 16 February to 18 March.

Adelaide Fringe shows

This year’s Fringe program is bursting at the seams with world-class, five-star acts. Over 1,200 in fact. With so much on, we’d forgive you for being overwhelmed, but fear not; we come to you with suggestions.

Wedding season is afoot at the National Wine Centre but what happens when a groom is found dead in the wine cellar? While the rest of the reception continues, you are called away by world-famous wedding planner, Isla Grace, to try and solve the murder, over your dinner meal of course, before the police arrive. Come dressed in character and be prepared to fully immerse yourself in the mystery at Murder in the Wine Cellar.

The California Crooners are back with new songs, mash ups, a different venue and extra sizzle. Hugh Sheridan and his fellow lovers of jazz will be plundering the classics, re-imaging this year's hits, finding heart and humour in the most unexpected tunes. Expect sharp suits, good times and great music in the salubrious Adelaide Hilton Grand Ballroom.

Winner of three NZ Fringe awards including Most Promising Emerging Company &  Most Innovative Work, Castles charts the second part of an archetypal journey of discovery. Text, movement, virtuosic dance, and song combine; Eliza Sanders uses it all to create a hive of strangely interconnected questions and musings, from the silly to the sublime.

When Katy, an autistic teenager, meets lonely Ryan, they make a connection that will shake their worlds forever. In We Live by the Sea, playful, visual storytelling meets a live electronic score about autism, friendship and a very big wave. We Live by the Sea is the winner of the Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre & Critics Circle Weekly Award and the Grahame F. Smith Peace Foundation Award in 2017.

Isaac Lomann's Hypnosis is a must see Fringe favourite. See volunteers hypnotised before your eyes & taken on an unforgettably hilarious journey into their imaginations. Gone are the days of spilling secrets on stage, chicken dancing and people waking up naked. This show focusses on the power of the subjects' minds and does away with those old stereotypes of hypnotism you see in Hollywood.

Award-winning chanteuse Anya Anastasia is bringing a fierce and tightly choreographed new breed of contemporary cabaret to the stage, stripping down to the core essence of her artistic mission statement: to hold the world accountable through mischievous mockery, passing her judgement and rattling cages.

YUMMY, the Melbourne powerhouse of drag, dance, circus, and music, has been serving smash-hit events in numerous festivals. Directed by James Welsby (from BRIEFS and GLORY BOX) the show features Karen From Finance, Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden, Benjamin Hancock and Joni in the Moon.

It was Plato who proposed that the planets emit their own musical hum on their orbital revolution through the heavens. Precession, a unique take on the ‘music of the spheres’, is a live full-dome performance of celestial sounds & immersive visuals at the Adelaide Planetarium with seven shows over three days. Experience stunning images & unique sound vibrations inspired by Pythagoras, Kepler & Plato.

2018 Fringe Ambassadors: Joel Creasey and Courtney Act

2018 Fringe Ambassadors: Joel Creasey and Courtney Act

Adelaide Fringe Ambassadors' top picks

International drag performer Courtney Act and Australian comedian Joel Creasey are set to dazzle and delight as official Ambassadors for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. The two compelling entertainers will help promote Australia’s largest arts festival to national and international audiences.

To help us make the most of this year's Adelaide Fringe, both Creasey and Act have rounded up their favourite Fringe shows of 2018.

From Gypsy to Grease, Annie to Lion King - no musical is safe at A Night at the Musicals. Musical theatre nonsense, hilarious hijinks and shady shenanigans abound as Jonny Woo and Olivier Le Gateau Chocolat ‘Les Misérmassacre’ all the musicals you know and love. High glammah, divine costumes and raggedy choreography are guaranteed in a night you’ll never forget.

Elixir is circus with a difference. Uninhibited by cliche or expectation, subversive and hilarious, the story follows three enthusiastic and acrobatic scientists who attempt to create the elixir of life. Elixir returns to Adelaide after being re-directed and re-created for a Spiegeltent audience by award winning UK director John Walton. The boys are back with their blend of breathtaking acrobatics and hilarious antics. 

Kitty Flanagan returns with her brand new show SMASHING! Lovesongs, sex, algorithms, chimps, clowns and psychics, everything is getting 'smashed'. Leave the kids at home unless you fancy them getting a real Flanagan style education. 

A decade since he left Berlin, armed with an accordion, some hotpants and a dream, Hans has decided it's time to Advance Australia's Flair! In If you don't Love me...Leave, Hans pays homage to the country he now calls home and is ready to get fair dinkum and true blue in his brand new sparkly stage sensation. Think BBQs, beer anthems and burgers with beetroot... with a touch of bratwurst.

Australia's Crown Prince of Comedy, Joel Creasey has catapulted himself across Australian TV screens from comedy galas, panel shows, celebrity interviews and even the depths of the African jungle. He is the protégé of the late great Joan Rivers, and this past year alone presided over commentary duties at Eurovision, released his first memoir, won GQ Comedian of the Year and made his debut in a TV drama. See him at his best in Blonde Bombshell

It's Eurowision! Wind machines, tear-away costumes and performers you love in random situations! The 7th annual song..ish contest! Performers push their musical crowd-pleasing talents to the extreme. Doesn't matter if you have no idea what a song contest is or love Eurovision more than your own mother, you're in for a night like no other!

Performing live in London, Edinburgh and China and swinging back to the US to film with Bill Nye (all the while recovering from weeks in the depths of the African jungle on I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here), Nazeem is back in Australia with a brand new show, No Pain No Hussain, showing society's conventional wisdom to be little more than prejudice, yet somehow picking out something side-splittingly funny therein.

Lay back and enjoy the caress of those romantic satin sheets as Courtney Act strips some songs down and flips others on their back to show you just how gender fluid and genre fluid a great song can be! The sweet dreams Courtney spins in Under the Covers will leave you pillow fighting and pillow biting.

Opening night

Make the most of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe opening weekend with tons of (mostly free) events on 16 February.

Opening Night Street Party 5.00pm - 10.00pm, Friday 16 Feb North Terrace.

Tindo Utpurndee (Sunset Ceremony) 8.00pm, Friday 16 Feb South Australian Museum Lawns.

Switching-On of the Parade of Light 8.30pm, Friday 16 Feb South Australian Museum Lawns.

Parade of Light (every night of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe) 8.30pm - midnight, Fri 16 - Sun 18 Mar.

Night Markets 5.00pm, Fri 16 Feb North Terrace.

More details about these events and more can be found on the Adelaide Fringe website.

Adelaide Fringe opening night.

The Adelaide Fringe Opening Night.

Adelaide Fringe Venues

Get among the action at hundreds of Adelaide Fringe venues scattered around South Australia, many containing their own food stalls, bars and exclusive events. Most Fringe venues kick-on late into the night each day of the week. This year you’ll find new spectacles at the Royal Croquet Club as well as old favourites The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony, Tuxedo Cat and the Adelaide Town Hall.

For a full list of venues, see the Adelaide Fringe website.

Royal Croquet Club, Pinky Flat

The Royal Croquet Club, Pinky Flat.

Fringe in our regions

Outside the city venues, the Fringe fun continues in regional South Australia, from the beautiful Fleurieu Fringe in the coastal town Port Noarlunga, all the way to the fantastical Kangaroo Island Fringe featuring a range of curated performances from local artists. You'll also find Fringey goodness in the Adelaide Hills' Stirling Fringe and Fringe in Mount Gambier

Fleurieu Fringe.

Fleurieu Fringe 2018.

Get to the adelaide fringe in style

Get the party started before you arrive at your show with some seriously stylish transport. Book an Uber Black for that oh-so-glamorous VIP entrance, get the pedal to the metal, and beer to mouth with HandleBar or hit the pavement with Eco-Caddy. Getting there is half the fun!

BBQ Buoys, Adelaide

Chill and grill with BBQ Buoys

BBQ Buoys are motorized round boats with seating around the edge and a barbecue grill and table top in the centre. Pack your BBQ food and nibbles, cash-in on a drinks package and spend a couple of hours partying on the Torrens!
Perhaps not the best option for getting anywhere in a hurry, but a guaranteed good time, The HandleBar is a 16 person pedal powered pub on wheels. BYO food and music and spend two hours cycling the city, stopping at bars and pubs of your choice! Arrival at destination: optional.
Join the skipper and crew on age-old Adelaide favourite, Popeye.

The Popeye fleet has 3 boats, each able to accommodate up to 70 people, cruising down the River Torrens from Elder Park to the Adelaide Zoo and back. Travel from The Garden of Unearthly Delights to LIVE on Five within half an hour!

Bypass the taxi rank and arrive in style with Uber. Download the app, set your coordinates and in minutes you’ll be whisked away in luxury to your Fringe venue of choice. Easy.

For the trip too far to walk and too short to cab, there’s EcoCaddy. Jump on-board one of their hybrid-electric rickshaws and get pedalled to any destination within the CBD square mile and North Adelaide. What’s better is that during Feb, rides will be FREE from 10am-2pm. 

See an extensive list of Adelaide Fringe shows below and find out what's on today.

Community Events

From $31.90 All tickets
From $31.90 All tickets

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