Private Monarto Zoo Photography Tour

Adelaide Hills

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Embark on an Exclusive Private Photography Tour at Monarto Zoo!

Unleash your inner shutterbug and capture mesmerising moments of some of the world’s most extraordinary creatures in their natural habitats with our Private Monarto Zoo Photography Tour. This exclusive experience offers you the chance to embark on a captivating journey into the heart of nature’s majesty in the company of an expert wildlife photographer.

Tour Highlights:

- Lions in Their Royal Domain: Witness the raw power and regal beauty of the African lion as you capture breathtaking shots of these magnificent apex predators.

- Playful Meerkats Up Close: Delight in the antics of the adorable meerkats as they frolic and interact in their intricate social communities. Get up close and personal with these inquisitive meerkats and capture their charming expressions and joyful moments together.

- Graceful Giraffes on the Horizon: Immerse yourself in the serenity of the African savannah as you focus your lens on these beautiful giraffes. Enjoy uninterrupted views and capture their elegance and distinctive features witnessing them in their natural habitat.

Capture the wild like never before on this exclusive private photography tour. Seize the opportunity to hone your skills while creating lasting memories of Earth’s most extraordinary creatures.

Bookings made by enquiry on the link provided.


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