Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter

Stories of the South

Welcome to Stories of the South, a six-part series with episodes dropping monthly. These short docu-films have been inspired by some of our most incredible locals who live and work in South Australia, with its stunning scenery as their backdrop. We have scaled mountain peaks, driven through dusty outback deserts, and scuba-dived 20 meters below into sharky waters to find and film these fascinating tales. Watch the latest episode “Bounty Hunter”. For abalone diving duo Tobin and Jonas Woolford, their valiant day job of harvesting wild caught abalone is built on an unbreakable bond of trust.



If you think it's been a long cold winter, imagine how our city hospitality and retail friends are feeling. South Australia, your city needs you. It's time to #GoToTown. To showcase our vibrant city and bring you back we've worked with city businesses to dish up all the best things to see and do, places to eat, drink and stay in Adelaide this spring. So welcome back to your city. The good times await.

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