Lake MacDonnell
Lake MacDonnell, Eyre Peninsula

South Australia. For those who want a little more.

South Australia. It’s a beautiful place. A place for the restless, for those who want to dive a little deeper, explore a little longer and go a little further. Why do we always travel to the same places and do the same things? It is time to be curious and reward your wonder. That's the thing about South Australia, it's a place for those who want a little more.

Robe sand dunes
Robe, Limestone Coast

Breathe in South Australia

Remember when your house was just a home to come back to? Before it became the office, local cafe and gym? The days of returning home, rather than staying in all day. After more than a year inside, it's time to reset and return to you. Breathe in the balmy air as you explore South Australia's wide-open spaces. Hold your breath as you delve beneath the turquoise waters of a secluded cove. Dare to go cage diving with sharks and have your breath taken away. If you are ready to leave your home in search of a little more freedom, you'll know where to look.

Road trips
Razorback Ridge, Flinders Ranges and outback

Road trip South Australia

Think leisurely ocean drives down the Limestone Coast, lazing along the banks of the Murray River, or chilling in the culturally rich capital of Adelaide. We've done the organising for you - all that's left to do is pack your bags, cue up our ultimate road trip playlist and hit the road.

Vineyard Alchemist
Vineyard Alchemist

Stories of the South

Welcome to Stories of the South, a six-part series with episodes dropping monthly. These short docu-films have been inspired by some of our most incredible locals who live and work in South Australia, with its stunning scenery as their backdrop. Watch the last episode of season one, Vineyard Alchemist

Map of SA regions

Explore the regions of South Australia

12 unique regions with world-class, unbeatable gourmet produce, fantastic beaches and unique native wildlife.

Explore all of SA

Explore Things to do

No matter your interests, you're sure to discover something amazing in South Australia


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