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Plunge Recovery is Adelaide’s premiere hydrotherapy facility, with hot and cold mineral pools, saunas, Normatec compression therapy and remedial massage.

Providing services backed by science so you can optimise your health and performance, with a holistic approach towards your physical and mental well-being.

Four spacious and deep plunge pools enable full body immersion at 7°, 14°, 36°, and 40°C providing the greatest benefits of hot and cold-water hydrotherapy.

Normatec compression systems were originally developed as medical devices to increase blood circulation for rehabilitation. At Plunge Recovery we provide a space where you can relax and unwind in comfort with the choice of leg, arm, or hip compression attachments.

Plunge Recovery has two spacious infrared saunas and a traditional sauna, accommodating up to 4 people each.

The saunas use the latest near and far infrared wavelength energy to send heat directly into the body’s tissue, unlike a traditional sauna that warms the air around you.

Step into the ancient world of traditional saunas at Plunge, Heated between 80° and 11o° with sessions of 25 minutes. The Barrel Sauna offers a traditional steam sauna experience. Sprinkling water onto heated stones generates a burst of steam and increased humidity.
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From $15.00 to $35.00


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