Semaphore Merry-go-Round (Carousel)

Esplanade, Semaphore, Adelaide, South Australia, 5019
0411 460 139
[email protected]


This beautiful vintage carousel which is the largest in Australia was built in 1928. It is located on the beautiful Semaphore Foreshore Park on the Esplanade near the jetty.

The horses were hand-carved at a reputed cost of £20 each by Melbourne craftsmen with modest ornamentation.

Driven by an electrical lift motor and gearbox, it was the envy of the steam-driven carousels of the day.

Originally based at Henley Beach the carousel was moved to Jubilee Oval before coming to stay at Semaphore.

Carousels have always had a part to play at the Semaphore Foreshore Carnival.



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