Alyssa Powell-Ascura, Halo-halo


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The Mill is excited to present 'Halo-halo', a new exhibition by Alyssa Powell-Ascura developed through the Delima Residency in Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia, and at The Mill.

Alyssa explores her Filipino heritage and her experience of undertaking the residency in Malaysia through video, installation, photography and personal essays. Her work touches on multi-sensory experiences, bringing audiences into the act of kamayan- a traditional Filipino method of eating with bare hands. She invites audiences to immerse and participate within her installation environment.

Photographs evoke the lush, humid environment at Rimbun Dahan and create a conversation between Alyssa’s experience in Malaysia, her ancestral home in the Filipines and growing up here in ‘Australia’.

'Halo-halo' is presented in cooperation with the Mahmood Martin Foundation and with support from Creative Australia.

This is free to attend and all are welcome.
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