Shore Break


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Isolated in a beautiful seascape, nestled in the dunes of the coast, one man has established a solo existence; simple, insular and free from a world that has served him up a wealth of pain, disconnection, and regret.

He seeks solace in seclusion and the waves of the ocean, while he picks through the pieces of his life.

Brought up in an emotionally illiterate, culturally bereft household he is consumed by awkwardness, confusion, anger and an inability to connect meaningfully to relationships and community. Something is broken but cannot seem to put the pieces together.

As old memories overtake him, he must unravel his emotional entanglement from the past, deconstruct what he has done, who he is, and how he can keep living.

Is there a chance he can find a road back to civilisation, and if he is able to get there, will there be enough left of him to engage?

And is there sufficient forgiveness left in the world to welcome him back?


Family Friendly
Non Smoking
Parents Room
Public Toilet


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