Talking History - How Exceptional is SA – Really?


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Historians tend to be myth-busters when it comes to popular generalisations. When it comes to ‘South Australian exceptionalism’, however, few historians refute the state’s many achievements in social and political reform, including votes for women, anti-discrimination laws protecting the rights of First Nations and LGBTQIA+ people – even legalising nude bathing! In the final Talking History event for 2024 four panellists reflect on this impressive track-record before considering if South Australia can still claim to be ‘exceptional’ today?

Chair: Dr Kiera Lindsey, South Australia’s History Advocate
Speakers: Prof. Christine Garnaut (University of South Australia), Professor Alan Reid (University of South Australia), Elizabeth Ho OAM.

The Talking History program is delivered in partnership with the University of South Australia.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


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