Town Square Canteen - Sunset Food & Wine


From $49.00
Town Square Canteen celebrates six regional dining experiences and the people who shape them. It’s new. It’s relaxed. Come along for a delicious main course, shared side dish, bread and glass of wine. Meet top South Australian chefs and their front-of-house staff, trade stories and forge new connections.

Is it possible to capture an island idyll? Sunset Food & Wine makes a strong case. Its fare speaks to Kangaroo Island specialties, from wondrous seafood to honey made by rare Ligurian bees. British-born chef and owner Jack Ingram opens the restaurant seasonally, when conditions are ideal for gazing over American Beach. He first came to the region as Southern Ocean Lodge executive chef, moving on to realise the dream of shaping his very own venue. Its city spotlight awaits.
<p>Disabled access available, contact operator for details.</p>


From $49.00 to $49.00


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