Anchovy Bandit

96 Prospect Road, Prospect, Adelaide, South Australia, 5082
Monday to Sunday: 16:00 - 00:00
0401 188 845
[email protected]


Anchovy Bandit, being situated under a cinema takes its name from an old Quieten Tarantino screenplay, ‘Captain Peach Fuzz, and The Anchovy Bandit.’

Like all good screenplays our story is one full of twists and turns. Anchovy Bandit was founded in 2018 by three friends, all with an extensive hospitality background. Anchovy Bandit was a passion project, a whole-in-the-wall pizza and cocktail bar, focusing on slinging good pies and good times.

After three years it was time for this film’s sequel, but don’t call this a comeback, we’ve been here for years. Anchovy Bandit expanded into the space next door, changing the venue’s narrative. Shane Wilson joined the team as executive chef and co-owner, transforming the once whole-in-the-wall cocktail bar into a thriving suburban eatery. The menu has evolved to off more than just the humble pizza, but retaining the authentic Anchovy Bandit DNA, a venue inspired by tradition but not bound by it.

The restaurant began to burst at the seams, becoming a suburban hub of activity. Leading the formation of a daytime concept, Bottega Banditio next door.

This story is far from complete, watch this space as the saga continues.



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